Folding phones is the new trend by Samsung. A few months ago we heard a rumor that Samsung might be into the foldable phone, and right now it seems that the issue of wrinkles and freckles might have resolved, and Samsung could finally unveil such a handset later this year. This year is so much promising!

The electronic giants are said to be working on a phone that unfolds to form a 7-in tablet, and it is expected to ship more than 100,000 pieces during the third quarter of 2017.

Folding Phones is the New Trend by Samsung
Folding Phones is the New Trend by Samsung

Korean-based Samsung had held its concerns on the fold-in phone, but they had to abandon the plan because they thought people would find it inconvenient to unfold the phone every time they want to use it. That might actually be a problem, tough. There was, however, no official comment by any Samsung spokesperson.

According to the initial study by CNET, they think it might a very good idea, even though there might be many technical hurdles such as circuit boards configuration etc. In a recent article, CNET writer mentioned

Innovative designs could help spark a new wave of consumer spending on phones. Samsung has done well, for instance, with its Galaxy S7 Edge, which features a screen that wraps onto the side of the device. A clever trick, though, doesn’t always pay off, something LG found out with its G5, a phone with snap-on attachments.

Folding a device would give you a smaller, more portable package to carry around, and it could essentially double the size of your screen. But the design also presents technical hurdles, such as whether rigid parts, like circuit boards, will have to use a different internal configuration or be made to slightly bend as well.

That does make sense, doesn’t it? Samsung has had an interest in such phones over the year of years and seems like they are finally fulfilling their dreams.


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