Folder Lock is an improved password protection solution like no other. A software that truly understands the needs of the common user. This software lets you lock files, encrypt folders, secured wallets, multiple security locks and more.

The world we live in today is no longer safe. It’s hard to find a source that we could trust upon. The rare feature of password protection is useful for all those who possess confidential files, folders, photos, videos and more.

Benefits of Password Protection

Folder Lock

In the modern world, password protection is a necessary security feature where the prying or the tracking eyes maintain a regular watch to gain access to your data. For this reason, it is mandatory for you to be password protected as your data might be of great importance & can result in severe consequences if such data gets landed in the wrong hands.

Some of the features of Folder Lock are listed below

Lock Files

This software lets you lock files that are of great importance to you such as banking details, ATM information, & personal records with the perfect security. Since you are the only one in possession of the protected password, you’re the only logical person to access your files with the needed protection.

Lock Folders

If you’re in possession of private Folders that are of great importance to you, then you can easily Lock Folders with an added layer of security known as the “Password Protection” feature. You can create folders of office documents, banking documents or the private photos or videos that are full of unending memories.

Lock Photos and Videos

We all have some photos/videos that we love to share while there are some that we don’t want to. In such a situation, the password protection feature proves to be a reliable option that lets you maintain the solid security of your photos without any hassle.

Secured Notes and Documents

Now you can create notes and protect them at the same time. You may lock personal documents including bank statements, company spreadsheets, tax returns and more.

Secured Wallets

This improved software enables you to create secured wallets that include the details of credit cards, bank accounts, passport information and more!

Create a Strong Password

Using a password is an easy solution to reduce the risks of data loss or data theft. However, it is necessary for you to create a strong password that cannot be easily guessed. Don’t create an easy, obvious or guessable password but instead, you can create a Strong Password by using different techniques. For example, you may use the first letter of a statement or song that you might have memorized. For example, 2BorNot2B (To be or not to be) is a unique password that cannot be hacked or guessed easily.

Play with your Keyboard

To create a strong password, you can draw a number or an alphabet on your keyboard that is known only to you. For example, 1qazdrfvgy7 is a bit hard to guess or even remember, but only you know that it is an alphabet on your keyboard and is easy for you to remember. In this way, you can make shapes, letters, and much more.


Add Emoticons

You can create your password in a funky way as well such as C?U2canCRE8Pwords;-) (See? You too can create passwords☺)

So now it doesn’t matter whether you’re tech-geek or not-so-tech-savvy, you’re ready to create your very own strong, memorable, mixed-character and long passwords using these easy tricks! Hence, go on, share these tips with others, but just don’t share your passwords.

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