Pioneering thermal imaging technology debut in Europe built in Flintshire for firefighters 

The thermal imager has been in use in America for the last 6 months. A firefighter can use a tiny camera connected to the existing masks and use micro-screen to watch thermal images in real time.

Flintshire thermal camera technology for firefighters
Flintshire thermal camera technology for firefighters

Conventionally, the tech with handle restricts movement that implies to the use of only one for one crew. According to TDI, firefighters can get more details in a surrounding where smoke hides a lot. As a result, they can save more lives.

The organization is a part of flourishing Welsh tech division that has 39,000 employees. DI is 4 years old as an expert in video and dangerous environment. The last nine months brought the design and development of most of the main parts

The technical director, Mike Stirling argued:

Hand-held thermal imagers can be quite a bit more costly so there is an opportunity for more fire fighters to have them and this is also completely hands-free, which is also beneficial.

According to Scott Safety, the software is a cutting-edge tech and could be incorporated into every firefighter’s mask to deal with crucial tasks during the duty.

“High value”

Estnet says that 3,100 firms are working in the “chips to clicks” division contributing £8.3 billion to the Welsh economy.

Avril Lewis, the managing director of Estnet, is of the opinion that the value of technological growth implies that ideas can swiftly rock in the market.

She says:

The technology industry is crucial to Wales and the Welsh economy, because underpin other key economic sectors, the public sector and the social environment.

Besides, she says that they are taking on around 39,000 employees and predicting 7% development over the coming 3 years. They are a high-value business and, consequently, they need to magnetize high-value people.


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