Flight 787-Advanced, Enjoy The Game Perfectly Knowing All Its Features

Flight 787-Advanced-Enjoy The Game Perfectly Knowing All Its FeaturesFlight 787-Advanced-Enjoy The Game Perfectly Knowing All Its Features

Flight 787-Advanced is a simulation game that is designed to provide the exact pilot like experience to users. Every aircraft has its own cockpit but the operation sequence and way of flying the plane is terminologically same.

The main purpose of the game is to take off the plane following the right procedure, air route and landing it rightly the way as desired. The game can be easily controlled by touching the screen, moving the device while it is controlled in desktop through keyboard, mouse and gamepad.

Flight 787-Advanced

Flight 787-Advanced

The game is comprised of 3 different start options and these are:

Start from the beginning

Here the plane stays at the cold and dark position and you need to run the plane, load fuel, look at the take off clearance, finally take off taxiing).

Ready for taxy

The plane stays at off position but others job is done such as fuel loading, pushback, take-off clearance etc. Only you need to taxiing and begin the journey.

Ready for flight

This option requires you to start from the runway. The plane remains off and what you need to do is just ready the plane and take off.

To start the game, go to the options and choose ‘Ready to fly’, and then start from the beginning of the runway. There are various buttons in the cockpit that are linked with each other and respond to you dependently. The buttons and their order of uses are:

  • APU: Used as the main power
  • Engines: Engine speed transition is used to get the necessary speed
  • Flaps: Used for taking off and landing
  • Park Brakes(Free)
  • Radio button
  • Hydraulic system
  • Navigation and cabin lights (optional)
  • Cockpit lights (optional)

Once you have successfully took off, look at the ‘Target Altitude’ as you should climb there. There will be green frames in the route and those should be collected while going towards the frames. But as you hear any announcement by the tower, rush to the cockpit to move down the plane. After a while you will notice runway, lower the speed to Taxi otherwise the plane will explode. As the green arrow beginning the runway is noticed, reach to the arrow and tilt the plane front to park.

You can find detailed information on the official site.

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  1. Good game flight 787

  2. Hi.befor i canflight whit this game.but now i can not.can not start why?last year i had flight whit this game.pleas hellpe me.thanks.

  3. the game often comes out when choosing a mission

  4. Plz dont make the game big of big rams 2gb 3gb..plz make the game small and fix the game the reality was clearly visible but in new virsion its horeble make it more clear and more reality..!

  5. Goooddddddd banget

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