With the closure of the Sunrise app by Microsoft, many of the app’s users are now contemplating on which calendar app to use next. There are many options out there but you have to choose one which best suits you and makes your transfer from Sunrise less stressful.

Thankfully we are here for you and we can give you a rundown on some of the apps on the market right now:

Five Alternatives To The Sunrise App After It Stops Working
Five Alternatives To The Sunrise App After It Stops Working
  1. Fantastical 2
    The app is available on iOS at the moment and goes for $9.99. Most users out there say it’s the best Sunrise alternative there is. The app can integrate Google Calendar, Exchange and iCloud excellently. It has a clean interface and has natural language input support. It has both landscape and portrait form, with previous users saying the landscape is the best to view weekly plans in.
  2. Cal
    It is available for both Android and iOS which is a big plus. It is a product of developer Any.do and has made the app visually polished. The app is best for those who want to take control of their daily tasks. It is best for the daily view and as soon as you open the app you can see the all the daily tasks ahead. It has taken a step back from long term planning and gives the best day planning there is.
  3. Calendars 5
    This is an app from Readdle which is available on the iOS platform. It has integration of Google calendars and the iOS calendar on top of incorporating your Reminders. It has natural language input and can be viewed in the day, weekly or monthly format. It sends notifications for reminders and in some cases even sends SMSs to ensure that you get to do what you are supposed to do. The app is available on the iOS App Store for just $6.99.
  4. CloudCal
    The app is available for Android and it is free. It makes use of magic circles to show how busy a user is. This feature should appeal to visual users. Every time a task is completed the circle is put in a different color. It also has tools from Google which makes very useful for Android users. It has natural speech input making it easy to record all the planned daily activities.
  5. Tiny Calendar
    The app is said to have a clean user interface which makes it easy to use. It can integrate both the iOS and Google calendars. It has eight different views which day, week, month, 4-day, mini month, week agenda, agenda and year which makes it very useful. The app is available on the iOS platform for just $6.99.
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