Good news for all the fans of survival shooter game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground as the First-Person-Server already arrived in the game. This mode is ideal for all those who love to take challenges and are of course brave heart.

The First-Person-Server is more intense and involves more fun. What you need to do is enter this First-Person-Server option at the Team section’s normal Play menu.

The New First-Person-Server In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Is More Intense And Frantic
The New First-Person-Server In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Is More Intense And Frantic

While the Third-Person was all about hiding here and there this concept is completely changed here rather you need to pay for every peek. The players should be aware all the time and keep an eye on the surroundings and behind to ensure their safety. Here the attacking and defending player both have equal chance to see each other during the game. So, it is respectively slow and the fight will last for long, unlike the third-person fight.

The first-person server is no doubt more horrible. The close-up combat reduces the distance between the players and ground, as a result, it seems that you are too close to the ground which makes running and looting the animation yank feels bit repulsive. The larger area that comes with numerous hiding spot offers a feeling like you have entered into a scary house.

Anyways, there is much more positive stuff as well in the first-person server. Here a little victory will offer great pleaser while you can concentrate highly on the shooting due to the reduced distance between you and the ground. Also, gathering the weapons and other items become much easier.

The big advantage is you can always change the field of vision in the first person mode. But ensure you have some good skill to play this mode. Also, if you wish to explore the map than the third-person mode is suggested rather than going for the first person server.


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