Commuting isn’t fun. Heavy traffic, crowded bus rides and inconsistent trains are enough to put a damper on your day. Skateboarding is an efficient, exhilarating and energy-boosting alternative, but it can be hazardous and difficult to learn. Motorized skateboards use handheld remotes or some knowledge of riding. Stark Mobility has changed that with its invention of the StarkBoard, a remoteless, hands-free, electric skateboard that will have even the most novice rider navigating their city in minutes in futuristic style.

It’s designed for city riding, is four times faster than walking – and is way more fun. The board’s campaign is now live and it surpassed its goal in the first day.

The first of its kind, The StarkBoard!
The first of its kind, The StarkBoard!

Quick learning curve: Go from zero to pro in just three minutes

The first of its kind, the StarkBoard is completely controlled by body movement. Just step on the board, tilt your body, and ride. It requires no distracting handheld remote or previous skateboarding experience.

It takes most people about three minutes to master. For those who snowboard or surf, the motions are even more intuitive.

  • Intelligent sensors: The board is equipped with a custom gyroscope sensor and intelligent weight and motion sensors.
  • Speed control monitoring system: Once you accelerate, the speed control monitoring system tracks all your body movements and continuously assists while riding.
  • Custom hub motors: The board has two specially designed, powerful electric hub motors. They have two times the power of other motors their size, power the board up to 20 miles per hour, and stop when the board reaches a 20% incline.
  • Sensor system: The integrated sensor system allows you to quickly accelerate, brake and reverse. The sensors know when a rider is on the board. As soon as a rider steps off, the sensors activate the brakes, ensuring a safe ride and making sure the board is within reach.
  • Brake and reverse: An AI-powered smart braking system offers quick stops and reverse and prevents the board from rolling downhill – and can even bring a rider to a complete stop on an incline.
  • Battery: The battery powers the board for up to 13 miles and easily removed and replaced for longer journeys. Tesla uses the same high-quality, certified batteries and each are tested and are in compliance with the UN38.3 and UL2272 worldwide industry standards. Each board comes pre-charged and ready to go.
  • StarkBoard app: A supporting app offers optional customization for beginners and pros, letting users choose from three driving modes to match their level and style. The app also offers battery control, location finder, and easy Bluetooth connection to control lights and measure speed.
  • LED lights: Style and safety for riding in dusk or nighttime conditions.
  • Dust and splash proof: The board is rugged and durable with an IP62 rating.

StarkBoard Tech Specs

  • Sensors: Four motion and weight sensors
  • Speed: max 20 mph (32 km per hour)
  • Size: 37 x 9.6 x 5.2 inches (94.1 x 24.6 x 13.9 cm)
  • Range: 13 miles (21 km)
  • Battery: 194.4 Wh Battery @ 36V/5.4Ah
  • Max Incline: 15% uphill incline
  • Weight: 15 lbs (6.8kg)
  • Materials: durable combination of plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum parts
  • Connection: Bluetooth



  • December 2017: Prepare for Production
  • January 2018: Assembly and Shipping Logistics
  • February 2018: Shipping to Backers


As experienced technology entrepreneurs, electrical engineers and designers, the Stark Mobility team are passionate about bringing together the best in technology and design for enhanced transportation. Team members bring a wealth of know-how and have individually worked on multiple hardware and software projects including Hover Boards, Mobile Batteries, Solar Power Devices, Highly Efficient LED Lights and iOS and Android Apps.

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