In this era of the internet, almost all people prefer staying online all through the day to accomplish their different kind of works. But we all keep on browsing the internet as the same identity and never thought of any idea that can actually segregate the identity. Definitely, time or situation might require you to browse the internet as complete different users at different times of day and this is what going to be implemented by one of the most popular web browser Mozilla Firefox. “Containers” is the new concept to be used by Firefox and this new feature will allow users to access the internet through different identities or better called as containers.

Containers To Be Used by Firefox

Firefox To Provide A New Revolutionary Browsing Experience Soon
Firefox To Provide A New Revolutionary Browsing Experience Soon

One of the security engineer in Mozilla, Tanvi Vyas, stated in the company blog that we all perform different characteristics at different times of the day, for example, the way one speak to his son or daughter is highly varied than the way of communication with co-workers. Similarly, when it is about drawing money at the ATM is far more different than when it comes to spending money in the grocery shops. That is we have different identities in different contexts and Mozilla Firefox mainly aim to segregate these characteristics to provide a much better browsing experience.

The security engineer also explained that their newly introduced feature in Firefox Nightly browser “Containers” allow users launching tabs in different contexts such as Personal, work, banking, shopping etc. and all the different contexts are equipped with their own set of indexed DB, cookies, localStorage and cache. It let users log into their personal Twitter account on in the Personal container while Work twitter account is available in the Work Container on Different contexts accounts are available in side by side tab which eliminates the need of switching to different browsers or else the use of any account switcher rather user can smoothly access all the account staying in the same domain which will no doubt be a revolutionary feature once it is added to the browser.


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