If you are a Windows 10 phone user, there is something to rejoice as the long awaited and sorely missed fingerprint scanner feature is finally making its way to the Microsoft’s Smartphone. Windows 10 has various alternatives and smart log-in option such as facial and iris recognition while using the finger for accessing the device was not an option and good news is that this is about to change now.

Microsoft is planning to include the support for fingerprint scanner feature in its operating system that will allow the users to go through a quick and easy login process just using their hands.

Finally Windows 10 Mobile To Support Fingerprint Scanner
Finally, Windows 10 Mobile To Support Fingerprint Scanner

This plan was revealed by Microsoft in last March during their Hardware Engineering Community planning event and then again it has been confirmed at this year’s WinHEC conference through a Microsoft slide presentation form. The company has the plan to reveal this feature as Windows 10’s anniversary update in this coming summer. However, users will not just get this feature through a software update rather their devices should have a fingerprint scanner in order to use fingerprint scanning feature in their windows 10 mobile. For example, HP Elite X3 already have this scanner and according to Microsoft, it would be the first handset to support this functionality.

While some of the OEM’s have already experienced in using the fingerprint components from companies like Synaptics and FPC but according to Microsoft, employing scanners from other companies requires more effort to make them work alongside Windows 10.

Biometric authentication received huge popularly in the recent years and Microsoft has come out with various biometric authentication processes through Windows Hello such as retinal scanning, facial recognition but it is must admit that fingerprint scanner is more efficient of all and thankfully Microsoft will soon release this feature as well.

The company is currently on testing phase for this update and it is expected to release in coming July for both the desktop and mobile version.


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