Great news for Android Smartphone users as the most populated app Prisma is now heading towards Android on beta. This is an app made by Russians which employ the machine learned art filters and cleverly filters and tweak images to turn it into an image that looks exactly like art. The images made such a way are really addictive and pleasing to the eyes of all.

Prisma was launched into iOS a month back and it received huge appreciation from the users. iOS users started downloading the app heavily thus helped it to acquire a good rank in the app store.

Finally Prisma is Coming to Android
Finally, Prisma is Coming to Android

Prisma in iOS Saw Huge Hit All Over The World

Prisma in iOS saw a huge hit all over the world and now its time to see what will be the result in Android. This app provides a new way to reinterpret your images smartly and this is no doubt a must have app if you like and keep on sharing several images on the social network.

Prisma is being launched in Android on Beta which indicates you are not able to download the app right now from Play store rather head towards the app’s website and sign in to receive an invitation from their end which will allow you to have a taste of the app. The beta version is fully functional so you can perfectly enjoy the Prisma app in your device just as in the iOS device.

Prisma Lab, the developer of the app stated that their filter works in a different way than that of the Instagram filters, they make use of AI and neutral networks in order to scan the images after which those are re-styled and an artwork like effect is created in the images. This is not the end here rather android users will get to enjoy a lot later as the company has promised to come out with the video filters and 360-degree panoramas as well gradually.


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