It has been a year since Apple Watch arrived to be sold in the markets. It was one of the most awaited devices in that period. Many people had placed orders of this watch before its arrival. But who knew that there isn’t anything special in this watch that to get something out of $400 (price of this watch).

The first new product released by the company in last five years was this watch. Not any single feature of this watch appeals to a user. Every added spec seems so boring and not much use as well. There is no doubt that Apple tried to create a small iPhone and forced people to use with such a small display.

Finally, It’s Revealed That People Don’t Need Apple Watch
Finally, It’s Revealed That People Don’t Need Apple Watch

In the beginning span of its sales, it seemed that Apple is going to be a leading manufacturer of smartwatches after reigning in the smartphone industry for a certain timeframe.

But a constant decline of Apple’s Smartwatch showed that a mountain in labor and mouse results.

Though the overall design and body of this watch are attractive the price of this watch isn’t justified at all. There should be a reconsideration of its price by the company if they really want to see the rise in sales.

The watch has proven a tough sell in terms of usability. The feature of making and receiving calls isn’t even in the knowledge of many initial buyers of Apple Watch. The company should think different about it.


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