The Flash plugin has been replaced by HTML 5 for some time now but that does not mean it is out of the picture just yet. It might have lost its popularity due to the replacement but FedEx has found a way to come back into the market. FedEx will grant any customer $5 to re-enable flash on their browser.

If users wish to print anything from the FedEx website, they are required to re-enable Flash. The offer up by FedEx reads “As a thank you for your patience and for being a valued FedEx Office customer, please use ‘FLA726’ at checkout to receive $5 off on orders over $30”. This has to be done by heading over to the settings panel on whatever browser is being used and permanently enabling the Flash plug-in.

FedEx hands out $5 to those that Re-enable Flash
FedEx hands out $5 to those that Re-enable Flash

There are still a lot of websites that still run on the old Flash plug-in. These websites include online gaming sites and sites with their own custom video players. This is the reason why most browsers can still enable the plugin with a single click on any page that has content that needs a Flash Player.

However, the case with FedEx’s website is different. Adobe Flash became one of the most annoying, if not hated plug-ins on the internet. It is old, clunky and less secure than its new rival, HTML5. The new HTML5 has been taking over most online features such as multimedia and the older Adobe Flash is being phased out.

Still considered the worst blow to the older Adobe Flash is that YouTube dropped it in favor of HTML5 back in 2015. The Adobe Flash has never been the same since and sees no signs of recovery. The attempt to keep Flash plug in the picture seems desperate since the only places left online are old obsolete website and FedEx.


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