This year’s version of macOS is known as High Sierra and the features that it comes with will make your Mac responsive, dependable and proficient. The version also lays the basis for future novelties like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

High Sierra is all set to be launched this fall and even though it is much of a maintenance release rather than a completely new version, there are some features which are quite notable.

Beautiful Photographs

Some Features of macOS High Sierra
Some Features of macOS High Sierra

There will be many additions to the camera features with High Sierra such as looped Live photos, better organization and new Memories categories. It also includes cross-device syncing for albums and features a much accurate People identification. The built-in editing tools let you play around with your pictures like a pro. You have more options while you print and publish pictures because Apple has now partnered with third-party apps.

Smooth Video

In Mac, you have the option to compress video up to 40% more than the regular H.264 standard. Besides taking lesser space the streaming will be more smooth.

New File System for macOS High Sierra

The default file system will be the Apple File System (APFS) which was announced last year. It has a responsive design and features 64-bit architecture which will cut down the time required to perform common tasks. APFS also features crash safe protection, built-in encryption and simplified data backup.

Next Level Metal

Metal 2 will now support virtual reality. With High Sierra, the developers will be able to create interactive and immersive VR experience on Mac which will work with Unreal Engine and HTC Vive for VR. The developers also get an external graphics dev kit to have them started that would feature a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure with an AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU. This shows Apple is quite serious about virtual reality.


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