Phones are new way of storing data, personal or professional. That also makes people worried about the data they have stored and if the phone is iPhone who’s propaganda of selling the elite phones is security, then it is more of a scary thing if there is a news where the data has been retrieved from the iPhone that too without the help of the makers.

The News

iPhone 5c running on iOS 9 is been hacked by the FBI. On 28th March FBI informed the court that the iPhone used by terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook is finally unlocked and FBI successfully able to retrieve the data from the device that too without the assistance from Apple. FBI previously demanded help from Apple to provide them with a tool to unlock the iPhone, which the makers declined saying this action will scare the customer base.


The Fear

FBI got the iPhone unlocked, retrieved the data without the assistance from Apple that too by a third party vendor. Apple is worried about kind of notion this incident will create between the customers. Apple is now thinking to get the information out from FBI, how they actually accomplished this task. Was there a glitch or a tool has been created that Apple is unaware of. So pretty soon Apple will disclose what their next step would be, will it be a direct question to FBI or through the court.


The Reason

Apple is asking their non iPhone 5c customers to stay calm and not to worry as this particular model of the phone does not have any advance hardware or feature like Touch ID or Security Enclave even though the device is running on iOS 9. FBI is asking Apple to create key like tool so that an iPhone could be unlocked in future without any hassle. But Apple has denied this reasoning that the customer base will not feel secured anymore with a tool capable enough to disclose their information to the world.