Facebook’s new Chat Bubble Comment Format! Facebook used to be regular at trying out new layouts and designs of its website and the features, such as inbox or user wall. Every month or two, a new updated design would come face to face with the user, who would either love it or plain out hate it. Though for the past few years, Facebook has stuck close to its core design and layout.

As of recent, Facebook has tried a new approach to the comments section on the posts a user or page makes. When using the Facebook mobile app, the comments section would appear similar to what the current layout of the messages in the messenger app would appear like.

Facebook's new Chat Bubble Comment Format
Facebook’s new Chat Bubble Comment Format

The line-by-line format was ditched to adopt a chat bubble type view. The replies would appear as single bubbles underneath the comment, a little indented towards the right so as to appear as secondary to the actual comment.

Whether or not this was inspired by Tumblr, the new layout received a mixed review from the users who were mostly surprised to see comments appear as messages in the messenger app. Facebook has stated that it constantly works to appear more visually vibrant and engaging and appeal to the user.

This is why they were testing a new design for the comments. But the update was only for the mobile app, the full web browser site still uses the familiar line-by-line format. Also, this was not available to all of the users of Facebook’s mobile phone app.

Only a small section of its users was given the update. So it is likely that it will be taken into consideration before becoming the new standard in Facebook’s layout.


  1. It stinks!! It’s on my computer, not mobile app and I absolutely hate it. It makes it much more difficult to read the comments.


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