Facebook’s new Artificial intelligence system DeepText is coming to recognize each and everything that users write on their status update. Countless people are using Facebook globally and around 400,000 stories and 120000 comments are being shared every minute in Facebook while this newest AI system is capable of analyzing several thousands of stories and comments each second with human-like accuracy.

Not just analyzing rather once Facebook well understands what the status update is all about, it can present it to the people who really care about that. For example, if the update says, ‘I need a ride’, and if DeepText can successfully analyze it, the author of the update will be asked if he wants an Uber service. Similarly, if the status update is about promoting or selling something, it will format the post with every needed details such as price.

Facebook DeepText
Facebook DeepText

DeepText will be rolled out in Messenger

However, the first application of this helpful AI system DeepText will be rolled out in Messenger and how it will work is as soon as you write in the message that you need a ride, you will be suggested to utilize the Messenger transportation integration with related services such as Uber, Ola, Lyft etc. Facebook further stated that, to help the AI system in understanding closer to human being, the computer should be taught various slang and word-sense disambiguation so that DeepText can do the job of sentence analyzing more efficiently and perfectly.

But many might be concerned about the privacy of their message for which the company had to face class-action lawsuit in the past. But good news is that DeepText is designed to take care of that as well. Once it is able to recognize the hate speech in the comment, it will help people from suffering the harassment. With all these this AI system will definitely get smarter with time and will become the perfect content recommendation engine.


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