Facebook users have, for years, mourned their absence of choices when communicating with the mountains of posts produced on the social network. Having just the choice to “like” others’ thoughts regularly proliferated users’ encounters with bouts of awkwardness, the same number of wound up “liking” the news of a friend or family member’s passing or some other shocking catastrophe.

Finally, however, you’ll soon have the choice to accomplish more than simply “like” things – six times as much, actually.

While the organization has, in spite of the appeals of many a user, refused to include a “dislike” button, it did promise to discover other methods for making the “Like” button more expressive, and started testing a few alternatives a couple of months ago. The results of that attempt are five more methods for letting the virtual world know how you feel: ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘wow’, “sad” and ‘angry’.

Users (on mobile gadgets) will be able to get to these by long-pressing the like button, which will open another popup with the so-called ‘Reactions’, each of which is accompanied by its own icon. Testing of the feature started among some users in Spain and Ireland a year ago, yet it appears the time has just about come to make it more widely available (despite the fact that it appears that the “yay” choice available in testing has since been dropped from Facebook’s plans).

The organization will start revealing the extended array of emotions to users over the United States inside of a couple of weeks – others, apparently, will follow soon after.


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