After Free Basic, this is the second attempt by Facebook to provide users with Internet access which is known as “Express Wi-Fi” allow users of Smartphone to buy data from Internet service providers. This new Wi-Fi service is still in its early stages that have already completed a trial period in India with local state telecom and near about 125 rural Wi-Fi hotspot.

The internet service providers and entrepreneurs are empowered to use software provided by Facebook through which ISPs can provide internet service in the rural areas. This way the ISPs too will be benefitted as they will be able to earn a steady income.

Facebook Testing A New Wi-Fi Service In IndiaThe first attempt by Facebook was Free Basics which promised to offer free internet in India but this service was banned by the telecom regulatory authority of India in the last year due to the violation of Net neutrality. Free Basics came along with a concept called Zero rating and as per that concept, Free basics will provide free access to some particular website say Facebook. But this completely stops the way for other competing social network to grow in the same country.

However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated after the ban of Free Basics that, even though they are a bit disappointed with the decision but they will continue working on breaking down the barrier of connectivity in India and across the world. And probably Wi-Fi Express is the result of that.

But Facebook is not the only company to provide access to the internet connection to all rather Google is on the same list that made an announcement of providing high-speed public Wi-Fi in 400 busy stations across the country. The company also hopes to cover at least 100 stations by the end of 2016 while already 23 stations are being covered so far.


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