Half of the Facebook users still do not know about Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch is nothing but the video streaming service which is a video rival to YouTube. Facebook launched this service in the US a year back. And they are rolling out this service now globally!

So, Facebook Watch is now available to every single user across the world. This video streaming service is also designed to help out the creators and publishers. Users can share their content here hassle-free.

Facebook Watch - The Video Service Of Facebook Goes International
Facebook Watch – The Video Service Of Facebook Goes International

This video streaming service suggests you the videos and shows which your friends are watching. The shows can be both live and recorded. Also, the Facebook Watch is personalized. You can now access the Watch service by clicking on the Watch Tab at the navigation bar. Two sections are available there which are ‘Top videos for you‘ and the Watchlist section. Watchlist saves the videos so that you can watch them later on.

It has several categories such as ‘What friends are watching‘, ‘Most talked about‘, ‘What is making people laugh‘ etc. So, users can easily choose their favorite content. Also, it is important to mention here that every single show in the watch is original.

But, the fact is most of the Facebook users are unaware of this service. They do not even know that this service actually exists on Facebook. The company made a survey of 1632 adults. The result is here.

  • 50% of users do not know about this service
  • 24% of users have heard the name of the service but never used
  • 5% of users said that they have used the service long back
  • 6% of users said that they use the Facebook Watch service every day
  • 8% said they used the service on a weekly basis
  • 4% said they use the Watch service twice a month
  • 3% said that they use the service once a month

However, it seems the scenario will be better now.

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