With YouTube and Netflix, one more streaming service is now available to the users and this is nothing but the popular social networking app Facebook. Yes, Facebook launches a new tab ‘watch’ that is particularly for the original video content. This new Watch Tab will be available on every platform such as mobile, desktop, laptop and the Facebook’s TV app.

The available content will be both original as well as user generated. But you can be assured to enjoy high-quality content on Facebook.

Facebook Initiate Watch Tab, The Platform For Original Video Shows
Facebook Initiate Watch Tab, The Platform For Original Video Shows

The Watch Tab will be available on the social networking app and as you tap on that tab to open it, a long list of categories for the show will be available that you can scroll through to find the right shows. Upon pressing an episode it will offer every detail of the show along with two more buttons.  One is for live comment and another button is ‘Up next‘. The comment section is more like the Live chat feature we have experienced in YouTube while the Up Next button will let you choose what to see next after this current episode.

Talking about the money making part, yes, Facebook has allowed the creator to include ads in the shows but those will be included methodically to offer a good user experience. Also, the publishers are empowered to create sponsored shows which will again allow them to make money.

Even though this Watch feature in Facebook is highly interesting but unfortunately this will be available to a very limited number of US users and it will probably take some more time to reach to the general public.

While the available content will range from reality shows, live sports to comedy shows, a live Major League Baseball game once in a week and Returning the Favor with Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs star is no doubt the great attraction.


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