Along with enjoying the favorite shows in virtual reality it has been possible to browse the 360-degree videos on Facebook to enjoy them in Gear VR and now in addition to enjoying them, users are also given the opportunity to share their feelings about the videos being viewed in Gear VR goggles.  This is exciting news to all who feel a bit lonely to enjoy the videos on their own and want to let others know about their feelings.

The social networking website announced on 22nd June that they are rolling out support for the Reaction emojis in 360 videos being watched in Samsung Gear VR goggles. You can add any of the five reaction emojis of Facebook such as love, like etc, in the videos while it also let you view the reactions of other viewers.

Facebook Brings VR Reaction Emojis

The inclusion of other reactions in Facebook made it a bit more social and definitely it is a very popular way through which users can easily convey their emotions. And this is the reason why reactions will be highly helpful in VR platform where you can post your reactions. Besides, the reaction is the best way to convey emotions as no one will be interested in typing inside VR that will break the momentum of their experience.

This roll out indicates Facebook’s emphasis on virtual reality whereas the company also stated that Oculus and VR are the important parts of their product roadmap and it is another indication of more future integration between Facebook and its Oculus platform. Oculus will also roll out the reaction to 360 photos by the coming week. And if things keep going on like this, then the total revenue generated from VR will reach to almost $2.6 billion to 126 billion by 2020, according to a report.


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