A few years back a dear friend told me about Facebook stepping into new forms of technology, I certainly was not expecting TV! Yes, Facebook actually needs to do everything!

In the past, Facebook has been pushing hard on video for quite a while. Then Facebook Live Feature was made available to pages and personal profiles. Now the social media giant is all set to launch a TV app that would work with your TVs directly.

Facebook and TV - What is coming next?

According to the resources, Facebook is coming up short on room in its News Feed for advertisements—anymore and clients will, clearly, discover it excessively. Yet, it can, in any case, insert limited time content into video.

Keeping that in mind, a declaration a week ago introduced a choice to begin pushing longer recordings into the News Feed. Longer recordings, all things considered, give more space to advertisements. Yet, it appears that the news additionally foreshadowed a bigger vision: that the informal organization doesn’t simply like video—it has eyes on assuming control TV, as well.

Last week, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg depicted how he gets ready for social platform to wind up distinctly where

When individuals need to watch recordings or need to stay up with the latest with what’s happening with their most loved show, or what’s happening with an open assume that they need to take after, that they can come to Facebook.

He then went significantly further, including that he might want social platform to wind up distinctly a place where

you need to watch recordings, you need to stay aware of the substance that you observe verbosely week over week.

In short: Facebook needs to end up distinctly a bona fide other option to TV.

That will take surely a while. Zuckerberg himself likewise noticed that

Individuals will try different things with longer types of video.

However included that, for the time being, shorter clasps will remain the essential core interest.


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