Facebook is turning mind reading into reality! It became obvious after the appointment of unusual jobs that Facebook was up to something out of the box. Building 8 is a new division working under the former director of the government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Facebook finally revealed the mystery of Building 8 and Dugan told the world purpose of her fast-growing team. At the Facebook’s F8 developer conference in San Jose, it was proclaimed that Facebook has been working on two of its plans for two ruthless projects. You can type your thoughts and the second project is about hearing by the vibrations on your skin. This would be done by sensing the neural activity and translating it into digital signals, and vice versa.

Facebook is turning mind reading into reality
Facebook is turning mind reading into reality

The main objective of these projects is to help Facebook take the lead in the escalating field of augmented reality, which connects our online and offline lives together. Dugan said that the ultimate goal is to create a perfect blend of the physical and digital world.

Dugan said that Facebook’s aim is to develop “brain click“. It could be used to a way to finish piled up tasks in AR by using your mind. Researchers who are working together with medical institutions around the country at Building 8 desire to make the brain an input device which would allow people to type with their own thoughts.

AR glasses that obtain inputs directly from your brain would be working under ideal conditions. Dugan said that AR glasses would reduce the gap that is generated by the technology between people and their surroundings.

In the second project, messages would be broadcasted to your skin. Dugan said that it’s actually the whisper which is being conveyed. It’s an attempt through which blind and deaf people would be able to communicate. The vibrations of the throat and the movement of lips would be given the shape of a spoken word. The company has arranged a working device by the help of which a Facebook employee is able to differentiate between three shapes, colors, and actions through just vibrations on her skin.


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