Facebook has taken a more direct role in preventing suicide with more than 1.65 billion users posting continuously about their behavior on the social networking platform. The company has incorporated a suicide prevention tool in its platform on 14th June that allows users to help out their friends who have posted messages about self-harm or suicide. The new feature let users flagging their friend’s post whom they deem suicidal. Next, the post will be analyzed by a team in the social network who will then provide perfect language to communicate to the person at risk.

Suicide Prevention Tool
Suicide Prevention Tool

The Suicide Prevention Tool is Featured with a Drop-down Menu

The suicide prevention tool is featured with a drop down menu where users can report posts, and these posts are then brought to Facebook’s global community operation team. This is a team of hundred people who keep on monitoring the flagged posts all through the day seven days a week. According to Facebook, the team is provided special training to evaluate the potential suicidal content.

The person who will report a suicide note will have options to send a message to the friends directly who is in distress or else to the mutual friends for coordinating help. Facebook will also suggest the texts to be sent whereas users can fill it on their own as well.

Again if Facebook evaluates that a post is nothing but an indication of help, the user whose message was flagged will be presented with numerous news and sources on what to do when a person feels suicidal next time he/she log into Facebook. So, this is no doubt a very useful feature where Facebook is trying to play the role of an arbiter in social change.

Facebook stated that they have started working on this project ten years back, and now it has been successfully rolling out worldwide.


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