The controversial safety check tool from Facebook is again under the talks after the Pakistan suicide bomber attacks, for all the wrong reasons. The Facebook safety check feature sent the safety check message around the globe which made people upset about the whole matter.

Facebook safety check tool
Facebook safety check tool

Facebook Safety Check Feature

The safety check feature from Facebook works on the geolocation of the Facebook user and if the user anywhere near any reported of miss happening incident, this tool sends a text asking about the wellbeing or is the user safe. Once the text is replied back by the user with the choices, Yes or No the tool updates the same on the social Facebook site. Letting the loved one know the situation of the affected user.

History of the Safety Check Tool

This is not the first time Facebook is under controversies for the safety check tool. This tool has been turned on many times before also. After the Paris terrorist attack, it was turned off and even this act attracted several people complaining when the tool was used for Paris why not for others. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that the tool will be used more often.

The Glitch

This tool has an algorithm to the user’s location and then sends the text to the user if the user is within the impacted area. However on Sunday, the algorithm failed and the unfortunate incident that took place in Pakistan, the are you safe text has reached around the globe; people of US and UK other than Pakistan have also reported having received this unpleasant text and were shocked. Facebook without any delay has apologized and mentioned to fix the glitch in the tool. They have not declared the reason though.


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