Facebook has finally addressed the rumor which was doing around for sometimes now saying Facebook uses the microphone of your mobile devices to snoop on a conversation in order to target ads. The social networking site issued a statement on 2nd June saying they do not use the phone’s microphone to better target ads or to represent the perfect news in News feed rather they study the user’s interest and examine their profile information to show the ads which will interest them.

A claim was made by Kelli Burns, a professor of mass communication at the Florida University where she said that Facebook is listening to their user’s conversation secretly through microphone even though she did not have any concrete proof for that. However she is not alone and the first one to say this rather a theory like this is floating around for sometimes and her statement created a big headline that compelled the giant social networking company to open their mouth regarding this conspiracy.

Facebook Finally Shut Down The Rumors About Listening To Your Phone Calls
Facebook Finally Shut Down The Rumors About Listening To Your Phone Calls

Facebook Has Access to Their Users’ Microphone

This is true that Facebook has access to their users’ microphone which is really illegal but they have further claimed that they are able to listen to their users conversation through microphone only when a specific microphone feature is being enabled or users give permission to their app and when users keep on using a specific feature that requires audio such as recording video. However, this is a feature of Facebook that is being used to tag a music or television show while the users write something on their status.

The good news is you can always deactivate this feature in case you do not want Facebook to hear anything you say. In a case of Android, go to Settings > Privacy & Safety > Permission Panel > Microphone section and toggle off the option ‘Facebook’s access’ while in iOS it is done by going to Settings > Facebook > toggle off the Microphone.


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