Facebook Messenger is making advancements and updates with the app again. Facebook Inc. plans to feature enhanced tools for its Messenger app at the upcoming F8 developer conference this coming week

Sources close to the matter said the new measures that Facebook plans to include will feature chatbot technology which will help users to order goods and services through the app.

Facebook Puts Messenger On The Agenda For F8 Conference
Facebook Puts Messenger On The Agenda For F8 Conference

This is the second time that Facebook is highlighting Messenger at the conference which should be a sign of messaging growing importance at the company. Last year, the company opened up Messenger to developers and companies such as Everlane and Zulily.

Facebook is also reportedly citing 1-800-Flowers.com Inc. as one of its partners for the Messenger service. The flower delivery company could contact clients via Messenger about upcoming world holidays such as Mothers day and Valentine’s day, thereby allowing clients to order and pay for the flowers via the Messenger service. The flower delivery company refused to comment on the news.

Messenger has tried strenuously to link their users with businesses. Uber and Lyft are using the app and KLM Airlines also said they would let customers use the app for boarding passes, flight confirmation, and flight updates.

The moves, however, have not been widely received because most users do not view messaging apps as means of doing commerce. Though in some countries like China, companies like Tencent Holdings Ltd are hugely popular in both sections.

Facebook is also expected to reveal more of its live video actions. The company recently introduced some changes which enabled users a chance to create and stream live videos wherever they are. The love video feature also allows people to choose the audience they’re streaming to.


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