The notification based news app Notify is going off from Facebook as the social networking site already alerted its users saying ‘Thanks for using Notify’, but the app will not be supported in Facebook anymore and they will be transitioning the parts of this app in some other Facebook product like Messenger.

This news app was launched just seven months ago by Facebook that was designed to deliver news notification to the users from a curated news source list which included CNN, Bloomberg Business, The New York Times and more. The coolest feature of Notify is it allowed users to set an alert from a sub-topic. It allowed users to select a specific part of the publication instead of going for the whole. For example, those interested in sports news could follow the sports section only. So instead of being notified with lots of news, you could configure the app to tell you about certain companies or subjects. A short summary of the news would be delivered to the users after which they can get the full articles by clicking on the link.

Notify app

Facebook Will Integrate Notify Into Other Facebook Products

In a statement Facebook has stated that they will begin integrating the Notify functionality into other Facebook product such as Messenger and soon this app will be removed from the app store as well. This is really a helpful app and the company has learnt a lot about the timely and relevant information sharing process since the launch of this app. And with more than 900 million users in Messenger every month, this will be definitely a great opportunity for the publishers to reach to a huge customer base in no time.

As per an estimate, Notify had just 63,000 downloads till date after launching which is not really impressive. However, the app is not getting aloof completely and Facebook is transplanting its organ somewhere else to help people staying updates all through the day.


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