China’s market is undoubtedly one of the largest and most profitable markets for business. It is for this reason that thousands of companies including Facebook have been interested in penetrating deep into its markets. Facebook has discretely created a photo sharing app and released it without having its name attached to the app.

In one of the email responses, a representative of Facebook replied that the company has always been fascinated with China and were trying to understand and learn in depth the different ways of China. They were now concentrated on assisting the businesses and developers of China to grow their markets outside China through their ad platform.

Facebook Silently Plants a Photo Sharing App in China
Facebook Silently Plants a Photo Sharing App in China

One of the sources who was involved in the release of the app said that Facebook created an app known as Colourful Balloons and had it released through one of the local companies there without any clue of the social giant being involved.

Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has already visited China a few times and spoken to important political leaders to try and undo the ban. He is also trying to study about the Communist Party and learn Mandarin for this.

The features of Colourful Balloons are just like those of Facebook’s Moments app.

Facebook has been struggling to find its way to China ever since it has been banned there since 2009.

China follows has strict internet regulations and besides Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube are also banned.

Colorful Balloons was released in the Chinese market through a local company early this year. The political sensitivity of this matter stopped the person involved from disclosing his name.

The only explanation to this could be that the social media giant wants to learn whether or not people are attracted to apps without a big brand connected to it.


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