A year after Facebook Moments launched in the United States, the feature is finally making its way into the rest of the world, but the version is stripped down.

Facebook Moments US version can use facial recognition which then makes it possible to group your friends as they are in the photos. After this, you can search by name if you want to see all the friends in them.

Facebook Moments goes live in Canada and EU
Facebook Moments goes live in Canada and EU

The Canadian and European version of the private photo-sharing app, however, does not have this feature. The app was modified and fine tuned to please the privacy concerns which are prevalent in these markets, reports say. The global version can’t identify who is in the picture automatically but instead claims to group together images that appear to include the same face, Facebook claims.

Facebook did not respond to requests for comments.

Facebook is currently in the middle of a battle over the issue of whether it’s legal or not for the social media platform to store biometric data which it gains from people’s photographs. An Illinois group claims the company is illegally collecting the geometric representations of people’s faces and therefore creating a faceprint for each and every user. Faceprints are the ones which are therefore used to suggest tags for people when they upload new pics.


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