Uses of emojis are must in chatting and this is something without which the chatting become incomplete and users can’t express them entirely. Uses of emojis in Facebook Messenger is definitely done but this is through the keyboard and any software that is available on the device. Good news is, the option of emojis in Facebook Messenger is going to expand soon as the giant social networking Platform Facebook announced recently that they are going to roll out their own emojis for Messenger which includes female characters and numerous skin colors.

All users of Messenger will have access to this emojis regardless on which platform they are such as iOS, Android etc. and the emojis will also look similar on every platform.

Facebook Messenger Emojis
Facebook Messenger Emojis

Women Are not Stereotypical by Providing Gender and Racially Diverse Emojis

The new emojis represent that women are not stereotypical by providing gender and racially diverse emojis. Around 1500 new emojis are being designed and these include female portraying different roles such as cop, swimmer, runner, surfer etc. Even multi colors emojis will also be available to better represent the ethnicities and races. Users can select the skin colors they want while that can be changed as well anytime.

Different hair colors along with skin colors are also available while an emoji with redhead is available that is first in the history of emojis. In order to use the emojis, users need to tap on the left of composer and it will present them numerous options. Scroll down and select the required emoji in your chat.

These new emojis will be rolled out tomorrow and users can access it globally from tomorrow itself. Facebook is not the one and only platform to bring out more emojis rather Google is also planning to bring out more female emojis which represents working field. So, get ready to make your chatting more interesting in every platform.


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