Facebook is the way of connecting people in the most convenient way and according to the giant social networking site, it’s app too should adapt to that reality which is prominently noticed through the update of Facebook Messenger. Facebook has brought several changes in their messaging app, Facebook Messenger in the recent update. According to the company, changes are part of updates and they aim to offer the best experiences for their users by focusing on their needs.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

The Vice president of messaging products Davis Marcus has stated this change as Reinventing the inbox while the updated changes will be rolled out to Facebook Messenger mobile app all over the world during this week only.

Facebook Messenger Mobile App All Over The World During This Week Only

Active Now is the section in the Facebook messaging app that provides access to all the contact with whom you chat most. The new inbox will incorporate one more section called ‘Favorites section’ which will serve the same purpose that is all the most used contacts will be available in that section. Another interesting addition is the Birthday reminder which was only available in Facebook Home page till date.

Apart from the above mentioned changes, other major changes is the integration of inbox messages with the standard text SMS in Android version which means Facebook Messenger users is now able to send messages to all those who do not use Messengers and in that case receiver will receive the text as SMS whereas the sender will receive the response in their inbox.

On the other hand, many of the analysts are not pleased with the updates and according to them, these changes cannot be called as a reinvention of the inbox.

However, Facebook Messenger with a massive users base of more than 900 million globally became very popular messaging app while the recent changes might increase its users base even more.


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