Reported back then, there are over 900 million monthly users of Facebook Messenger to this date, and it is not surprising that Facebook intends to make it the best utility for messaging. Facebook says:

Up until now, a lot of how message organisation and inboxes work has been broken. So, we’ve been thinking about how we can make it simpler and easier to find what you want to start a conversation.

There are a few plans that Facebook has about changes, and what changes are already done.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

There is a new home tab for your messages, where you can who is active at the moment, and what are your recent messages. It also shoots up those people whose birthday is there, or you interact with them more frequently.

Why the changes? Facebook says:

Messenger includes a lot of very important and relevant information, and we want to do more to improve the organisation. For many people, they come to Messenger to start a conversation. These new features will help people do just that.

Favorites and Your Best Friends on Top of Your Facebook Messenger List

The changes are currently available on Android and iOS for now, but not in browser, but the changes are expected to be rolled out in next few days. You will be able to see your favorites and your best friends on the top of your Facebook messenger list.

Facebook, however, assures that there will be no businesses who would be using Facebook messenger, so it is only confined to individuals like you, yourself. The messenger bot, however, is currently in beta phase, and team is dedicated to make it better in next few months. Facebook says:

Over time, you could imagine a lot of bot discovery or even a bot section and we’re excited to explore that based on people’s feedback.


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