After Facebook and Whatsapp now it is the Facebook Messenger that hit 1 billion monthly active users and this news is being confirmed by Facebook itself on Wednesday. This indicates Facebook messenger is going through a robust growth pace.

This application had around 500 million active users in November 2014 which reached to 700 million in June 2015, 800 million in January 2016 and 900 million in April.

Facebook Messenger Managed to Reach 1 Billion Monthly Active Users
Facebook Messenger Managed to Reach 1 Billion Monthly Active Users

The social network celebrated their achievement and stated in a news post that people use Messenger in order to stay in touch with their family, relatives, and dear ones while business people to make use of this application to accomplish their job.

The company further went on to say that they are really grateful to all those people who are sending billions of messages every day through messenger. According to them, all the messages people send to each other are important irrespective of what they send and with whom they are communicating. And Facebook tries their best to provide the high-level experience to all these Messenger users to make their life easier.

Facebook has more than 1.6 billion users base, Whatsapp too has more than a billion user base and now Messenger joined them. This application is being used all over the world but the key markets are Australia, North America, Britain, France, Philippines, Thailand and other European countries.

Facebook Messenger Keeps Its Users Connected in The Facebook Ecosystem

This application can be proved helpful for Facebook in other ways as well such as in monetizing. The reason is Messenger keeps its users connected in the Facebook ecosystem and the users can be targeted with ads here. However, this will take time and will happen later on. Also, this application is the second most popular messaging app used in Apple’s iOS system after Facebook.


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