Social giants Facebook and Twitter have rolled out new features so they can be online in more places. While Facebook’s new feature enables you to stream videos up to 4 hours, Twitters Periscope features tools using which you can play broadcasts completely on Twitter and anywhere on the Web, so viewers can see highlights from broadcasts on the Periscope app.

The highlights of the broadcast will show up on the home feed of the Periscope app. These trailers will not be shareable and need to be seen within the app. The app enables embedding a full broadcast in one tweet and sharing it anyplace on the Web.

Facebook Doubles their Live Broadcasts While Periscope Adds Autoplay
Facebook Doubles their Live Broadcasts While Periscope Adds Autoplay

Earlier when someone started broadcasting a tweet would announce the live stream with the link to the broadcast that could be viewed in Periscope. You can now simply embed the Periscope broadcast in a tweet. This is definitely going to increase the number of viewers.

Periscope had added yet another feature, auto play broadcasts can be viewed without sound. For now, the feature is available only for Android users, iOS will have to wait for a few more weeks before they can enjoy this feature.

Invigorated by their own live feature, Facebook has opened up Live to its 1.65 billion users, giving Periscope a strong competition. The services of Twitter and Facebook are playing a cumulative part in national and worldwide events, from the egalitarian sit-in over weapon control to a live stream of a male dying in a police shootout to the streams of an endeavoured overthrow in Turkey.

Facebook Live Has Also Included The Ability For a Wider View

Besides longer broadcasts, Facebook Live has also included the ability for a wider view at the time of the broadcast which means you can have a fullscreen view on iOS devices while the Android users will be able to benefit this feature after this summer. You can also hide comments and reactions while seeing a live broadcast.


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