Facebook is launching today a new standalone iOS app called as Lifestage which is primarily geared towards the teen of 21 and under. This is a very interesting app created by the 19-year-old genius Michael Sayman that will require you to fill all the field of your profile with videos.

That is the answer all questions with videos and the more you can answer, more fields will be unlocked. Lifestage will then tie all these video clips and turn it into an amazing video that others can watch.

Facebook Lifestage, Teen Only iOS App
Facebook Lifestage, Teen Only iOS App

This app does not require you to have a Facebook account rather just sign up, select your high school and the videos of users from that school will be displayed to you. Just like Facebook, the profile of your friends who have recently updated their profiles would be visible in the feed, just tap on it to see their answers or else swipe to skip it. But this app will only show friends from your school once 20 people have joined the app. That is teen are requires drawing their classmates to join this app. However, users of 22 and elder too can use this app but they will be able to see only their profile, the reason is this app is mainly created for the classmate of high school.

Michael Sayman, the creator of Lifestage belongs to Miami who has learned to code at a very young age from the Google tutorial and first created a $1 app that that was tips for the club penguin game and it had managed to earn thousands of dollar. Next, he developed 4Snaps, a photo charades app and finally got an invitation from Mark Zuckerberg to visit Facebook. He then spent two years of time to get acquainted with social network and along with other three engineers and one design contractor finally created Lifestage that is now all set to ship.


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