Facebook announced that the Messenger app would begin to support group voice call. Facebook head of messaging products, David Marcus, announced the news, adding that users had to update to the newer version of the Messenger app to get the feature.

Initiating a group call is pretty easy. A simple tap on the phone icon in a group conversation starts a group call. The number of individuals who join the group call and are part of it can be adjusted and managed. If any individual misses a group call, they can simply tap on the call icon in the group chat to join the group call.

Facebook launches group voice call for Messenger
Facebook launches group voice call for Messenger

The popular Messenger app which has around 900 users, however, does not provide group video chats yet at the moment. Apps such as Google Hangout and Skype are recommended for group video chats at the moment. Facebook will probably add the group video function allowing it to stay competitive in the business. Of the numerous Messenger videos, many of them are yearning for a group video chat feature.

During the group call a feature which shows the participants involved together with the group name is displayed. The feature is useful on group callings such as family members, friends, and any other business contacts. Users called to the call can accept and decline as they want.

Facebook also integrated a new basketball game into the app recently. The game begins when one sends a basketball emoji to a friend. After that, you can continue playing by swiping your fingers on the screen which puts the ball into the hoop. As the game goes on, it gets faster.

Another feature that was introduced by Facebook is Chatbots. The chatbot is a feature that allows users to with other businesses for customer service and client orders. Some of the businesses which have integrated this feature include m, 1-800-Flowers, Bank of America, Burger King, Expedia, Fandango, HP, Salesforce.com, Staples, Stubhub, Twilio, and Zendesk.


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