Facebook beat the terroristic threats and operations in sensitive parts of the world with its new anti-terrorism scheme

The great blogging platform of Facebook is a remarkable place for the extremist to pose danger, create harassment and influence the users.

Facebook Plans to Kick off Terrorism Threats on the Macro-Blog
Facebook Plans to Kick off Terrorism Threats on the Macro-Blog

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has prepared an approach to fighting off the risk created by the posts from the extremists.

His Artificial Intelligence Software will be highly helpful in analyzing the material posted by the extremist predicting the future dangers.

Mark Zuckerberg claims that through his AI project, he has potential plan to fight against violence, aggression, and terrorism – a growing threat on his macro-blogging website.

He also claims to have the influence over his new project upon the growing number of suicides. According to him, it will help to decrease the number of suicide cases.

However, though his project is worth appreciation and practical in dealing with today’s big, online risks, it is not in complete form. The CEO himself announced that it will require many years to prepare such a plan in its wholly complete form.

He has given a detailed review of his project, its impact, limitations and other information in his 5500 words on his Artificial Intelligence program.

Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook has billions of messages and comments posted on it on a daily basis, so it is nearly impossible to track them all to analysis.

According to him, the huge number of comments and messages has raised complications powerful enough to beat their present strategy.

He says that they are busy in research to discover a system that can read those written data and watch those photos and videos to highlight if there is something threatening occurring or disturbing the balance of this worldwide popular website.


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