Facebook'Instant Articles' Now On Android

If you use Facebook on Android, search for a lightning bolt symbol on articles. Tap on it and experience the revolution.

Facebook announced that its quick-loading Instant Articles are rolling out on its Android application in a blog entry Wednesday. It started testing the feature with a little number of Android users a couple of weeks ago, with a full launch starting this week.

Instant Articles are news articles distributed directly to Facebook that guarantee to load times 10-times quicker than an external link. Facebook has partnered with 350 publications around the world — including Mashable — to get their content directly on Facebook’s mobile applications.

The feature was initially tested on iOS in May, with a limited number of publishers, including the New York Times and NBC news. A wider rollout with more than a dozen publishers started in September.

Now, Facebook touts that Instant Articles from more than 350 publishers around the world — 100 of which are distributed every day — will be available across iOS and Android. It additionally says it has more publishers joining every day.

Facebook claims Instant Articles are more generally shared than traditional links, an attempt to assuage the fears of publishers who feel they are progressively obligated to a third-party organization for traffic, and in this manner, revenue. An August study uncovered Facebook as the biggest driver of traffic to news sites, with almost 43% of traffic from the 400 outlets studied coming from Facebook.

While the greater part of the 350 outlets are U.S.- based, Facebook highlights numerous global publishers in its blog entry. The product picture released to the press (featured above) features an India Today article shown on a budget Android phone.

Facebook has put quite a bit of its late effort toward improving its products for creating markets, where broadband and data velocities are moderate and more users are on mobile than desktop. It even has “2G Tuesdays” at its offices, so that its employees can pick up a more noteworthy comprehension of the web in the developing world.

It already counts one billion day by day active users, however the following billion may use a very different internet than the first billion.

Instant Articles, it seems, are another approach to give a better product to all of Facebook’s users, not just Western ones. While the advantages (if there are any) to publishers aren’t precisely clear yet, Instant Articles give a excellent user experience.

Facebook is pushing out Instant Articles to users who have the most recent version of the Android application Wednesday.


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