According to Facebook, one of the most important of their News feed value is to present people with the most informative news and this is for sure that different user have different choices and a homogeneous news can not cater to the massive user base.

So, they are tinkering the News feed and implementing a new ranking system so as to provide users with the most informative stories by predicting their interests.

Facebook To Show You More Informative Stories By Tinkering Its News Feed
Facebook To Show You More Informative Stories By Tinkering Its News Feed

Facebook has conducted a survey to receive the feedback from its tens of thousands of users which are being combined with individual user data to create an evolving system. The participants in the News Feed quality program survey was asked to look at the stories and rank then from a scale of one to five. The most interesting one should be ranked as five while the one not actually informative should be ranked as one. The survey showed that users have ranked the stories based on various factors such as if it engages them in a broader discussion if it matches their interest or else if it is really informative about the world surrounding them.

This ranking will help Facebook predicting the best stories for its users while it will also be combined with individual user data which will consider factors like your relationship with the people who shared the story, on what you click on and your comments, shares etc.

While this change is really helpful for the user but it does have a downside as well. With the more emphasis on personalization, Facebook can never offer the users something more interesting and new to discover. However, it also wants an open-minded approach and it seems Facebook is decreasing the space for maneuverability in its News Feed section.


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