With a big number of user base globally, the Facebook events have grown into a very popular and powerful feature. Usually, how events are recommended to the users are through notifications, a pop-up saying your friends are attending an event nearby or else sometimes the users are invited to a said event. This process is quite interesting and works with all the users but Facebook is now planning to provide its Event feature a new turn by introducing the Featured events. These featured events are the events being curated by actual people but not generated by a computer. And these events created by some people are really worth checking out.


According to Aditya Koolwal, the Facebook Events product manager, this new feature is like a weekend or weekly digests of cool stuff which users can do in their city itself. However, as of now this feature is only available to the iOS users and will be rolled out in some selected cities such as Boston, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City and Washington, D.C.

iOS users in all these mentioned cities will able to see a new option called “Featured events” in the event section. However, this move to the human curated event process does not end up the algorithm based event list and users will continue receiving notifications based on their interest and it will also show up events based on your friends attending an event or else what you have attended in the past.

In case you are already residing in the launch cities, you can always have a taste of the new featured event list of Facebook while the company also plans to expand this feature in all other cities as well in near future.