Two years back, the social media giant tried to push its users into a Messenger app. And this was put into action by deactivating the main Facebook app messages. Though not a move well accepted, it finally did gain momentum with some. For those who have been continuing with their resistance, unfortunately, Facebook is making it quite difficult. They also claim that they will extend the ban to all markets. They have been trying to promote this Messenger under the pretext of making it an easy, faster and friendly application.

But there are those who are still vehemently opposed and are not in the least bit interested in this Messenger app. It irks them that they’re being tricked or forced into something they would rather be without. After all, the free stuff almost always makes sure that you have lesser control. For most users having a browser on their phones or tabs does the trick. So why go in for something that would take extra space?

From a business point of view, this move seems to be a great stand for the company. Though currently, the app is ad-free; it is forecast that it could produce huge revenues from advertising. Also, more personal info can be collected and more features added in the future – all leading to more revenues and smooth sailing for the company.

Facebook Getting Pushy Yet Again
Facebook Getting Pushy Yet Again

Though it should be agreed, that Facebook is doing a lot to spruce up the Messenger by showing friends birthdays, a list of favorites or a thumbnail of those online.

Unanimously called as a bad decision by the opposers, most users are still trying to find ways around this aggressive push. But it also seems to be a general notion that Facebook gets people to interact exactly the way it wants. Much to the dislike of some, it has pushed and shoved users in the past and seems to be continuing it.


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