Digital literacy is highly important in this era of the internet where almost 830 million youngsters stay online. And Facebook is trying their hard to educate young people to behave positively on the internet. Its just few days back they launched Youth Portal that offers the teens educational materials.

And now, they are back again with a new educational resource called ‘Digital Literacy Library‘. These educational resources will help young people behave positive and responsible way over the internet.

Facebook Launches Digital Literacy Library- A Great Educational Resource For The Youth
Facebook Launches Digital Literacy Library- A Great Educational Resource For The Youth

This educational resource is aimed towards teenaged between 11-18. This generation lacks some digital literacy and they risk their personal data. They also believe in the hoax, fake news and propaganda thus allow others to use their personal data unknowingly. Also, they become highly addicted to the social media and lose their online reputation for several reasons. So, Facebook has initiated such step to guide the young people the right way.

Digital Literacy Library is not actually designed by Facebook. But, they are now working with the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. This team has designed the course. Facebook is just placing those resources in their platform to make it available broadly. The material will be available at the Safety Center on Facebook.

As of now, the Digital Literacy Library will be available in 18 lessons. Now, it will available in English language only. However, later on, the company will make it available in more 45 languages.

The lessons are entirely free to download. Also, it is mentioned that how long each session will take to complete. The teachers can again modify the content for their need. Parents can use the lessons to teach their child at home or after the school program.

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