Facebook has been quietly creating an independent camera app, in a bid to remove the passiveness that people now use the Facebook app with.

A team in London is reported to have built the early version of the app, which is said to open directly to a camera view which is more of what Snapchat does. The project status, however, is according to the people in such a way that it might not be able to give out a finished product.

Facebook creating new camera to entice people to using the app again
Facebook creating new camera to entice people to using the app again

Regardless of how the app turns out, the move is thought to be because of how people have started passively browsing the popular social media network. Most people nowadays feel content simply logging in and checking what other people are posting without having the need to contribute any content of their own (I’m guilty too). The reason is also thought to be what gave birth to ideas such as the On This Day feature, and writing prompts for some of the famous holidays and pop culture events. However, a Facebook spokeswoman officially denied any downward spiral on behalf of the company. She also refused to comment on future products.

Facebook does have another app they can do all this with, Instagram, though it is all in theory. The new app in the pipeline is however said to be artistically minded and has fewer steps between snapping a picture and uploading so that people don’t get frustrated. Reporters who have knowledge of the app also added users might be able to share to both social media platform through the camera.

Facebook has shifted away from the multi-app strategy it was implementing leaving only a handful of apps so far on the market, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Moments.


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