Just two days back on Tuesday, the social networking site Facebook announced of blending HTML of the ads in web into the content so that the ads will still be appeared to the users while ad blocking software is in use. Facebook stated building a tool “ad preference” which will let users choose to hide or see any ads if they are interested. That is control will be in people’s hand rather than completely abolishing ads from the site. But perhaps this decision by Facebook was not liked by AdBlock Plus, the leading blocker software company and as revenge, they have rolled out a workaround today to the Facebook ad block bypass which just not only remove ads rather posts as well from the friends and pages.

Facebook to roll out a code which will abolish AdBlock Plus’s workaround
Facebook to roll out a code which will abolish AdBlock Plus’s workaround

As soon as this has come to the notice of Facebook, they have stated to address the issue and according to Facebook, AdPlus Block is punishing people on Facebook for no reason and they are really disappointed with this matter. However, Facebook is at work now, probably within few hours they will come up with an update to the site’s code which will abolish the workaround of AdBlock Plus entirely. So, while the ad blocking company took around two days to roll out the workaround, Facebook can disable that in just a matter of a second, according to the social networking site.

Now this incident has raised the question about the legitimacy of ad blocking software. While many users perceive ad blocking software as a good option to keep ad tech in check and preventing the sites from serving malware, other just do not want to waste their time going through ads. But the opponents of ad blocking software have of course a different view and they have stated that ad blocking software works as an obstruct between the business and people, while they also do not care at all for the user experience.


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