Facebook recently launched their Chrome extensions for saving and sharing articles on Facebook through which users can put more content on their Facebook page. Sharing and saving content is the vital thing that many of us keep on doing as we come across any good article while browsing the web. The Saving and Sharing feature serve the same purpose. While Sharing feature let users share anything interesting on their Facebook page, the saving feature allow users saving the content on Facebook for future use.

Facebook Launched Chrome Extensions

In order to share content on Facebook, the users are required to click on the Facebook icon located next to the address bar and it will open a new window pre-populated with a link. There is a place for adding a comment and this new Share extension allow users sharing content in their Facebook’s own timeline, friend’s timeline, in an event, page, group etc. wherever they want.

Facebook Chrome Extensions

The Save to a Facebook extension offers a good way of saving an important and helpful web page in the Facebook app that can be read later. Saving is as simple as that where you need to click the bookmark icon in the browser and it will be saved which can be opened later in the Facebook app by going to more>Saved and tap on the articles to open it on Facebook. Instapaper and Pocket are the other useful apps that are used for saving articles and videos so that you can enjoy them later on. The Save to Facebook feature serves the similar function.

Facebook launched this Save to the Facebook button in April that allowed developers adding the button on their site. And today around 300 million people make use of this feature every month. So, make use of this save and sharing feature and let others know what you are up to.


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