Facebook is all set to bypass the Web Adblockers in their site but in exchange, there will be available an Ad Preference settings that will allow users to opt out the ad targeting categories. The desktop users will be notified today only on top of the newsfeed stating Adblocker will no longer work but they can always visit the ad preference settings in order to block ads from some particular business organization.

Facebook To Bypass Web Adblockers But Will Include Ad Preference
Facebook To Bypass Web Adblockers But Will Include Ad Preference

A survey was conducted by the Facebook commissioned research firm that revealed why people around the globe approach for adblocking. The result revealed 69% of them use ad blockers to avoid the troublesome ads, 58% stated that these ads slow down the site speed while 59% answered it is because of security or malware risks. So, according to the survey, privacy is not the top reason of using adblockers.

Also according to the social networking site, one of their missions is to help people connecting with business which Adblockers completely prevent. Further, Facebook denied paying any ransom to the adblocking companies that they generally keep charging for whitelisting some sites to showcase their ads.

The Company Came Up With The Best Solution Ad Preference

So, finally, the company came up with the best solution Ad Preference which allow users to choose the ads to be hidden rather than blocking all. But if any users choose to hide all the ads, it will not stop showing ads rather those will be less targeted.

After all, advertising is the main source of revenue of all consumer internet and Facebook earned $6.2 billion ads revenue in the last quarter. Also, the site is completely free, so there should be some source of income. While many of us might say that Facebook could charge a monthly fee for not showing ads, but it will then prevent users from developing country to afford the site and also Mark Zuckerberg promised to keep this social networking site free forever.


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