The very traditional way of searching a movie on the internet is to scroll through a long list and finding out the one you are actually looking for. But this annoying task will most probably be eliminated as the Facebook bot is coming to help you in searching the next movie for you efficiently.

Facebook’s bot platform is still not advanced and it is in the early stage where most of the apps are not ready to be a part of our everyday life. There might be various reasons behind that however, one company named as And Chill still managed to figure out that how to create a bot that will be actually compatible for Facebook’s chat based interface.

Facebook bot

And Chill is a Movie Recommendation Engine

This And Chill is a movie recommendation engine that makes uses of the like and dislike recommendation model rather than going deeper to suggest certain movies for watching. The bot is accessed through SMS or Facebook messenger after which And Chill ask you to name a movie that you really liked and the reason for liking it. Next, all these components are being analyzed by And Chill and it uses them to suggest you a similar movie. The actual algorithm used to search similar movies by this startup is not explained but it uses different frameworks to detect the attribute, pattern, and other important factors to pull down similar movies for the viewers.

This step is a leap forward from the traditional way of searching movies where the effort and time both are saved of the viewers. Even all the responses are also accompanied with a YouTube link to help out viewers in quickly checking out the preview.

With time there will be much more improvements and viewers can enjoy the Facebook bot even more.


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