Facebook has taken an initiative to make your birthday special. While Snapchat gift wraps your messages and Twitter floats a few balloons, Facebook is going to post a video a day after a user’s birthday, featuring the best wall posts the users get on the day of their birthdays.

Facebook is all set to launch a feature known as the ‘Birthday Recap Videos’ which is somewhat like a memory video having a pre-set birthday theme consisting of all birthday related content taken from the user’s wall posts. Facebook will combine all these posts and collate it together into a beautiful little video clip.

Facebook to Make Your Birthday Special With Recap Videos
Facebook to Make Your Birthday Special With Recap Videos

The user needs to have at least three tags or wall posts on their birthday and Facebook will compile them into a video and send it to you the next day. The 45-second long video features an attractive and colourful cake which bursts with the posts that you received.

The inception of the concept might be a little low as there would be some who would be receiving many birthday wishes and they will have a wonderful video to see whereas the video could not be as exciting for those would have received just three wishes from people who they hardly talk to. It outdoes up something people do pretty inconsiderately into a manifestation which could seem imprecisely undesirable.

Facebook had Launched a Birthday Cam

Once you have seen the video you can select to change the posts or pictures with the video editor and send it to your friends if you wish. Facebook had launched a Birthday Cam earlier this year which invigorated people to send videos instead of images or birthday posts.

Possibly it is the culture among the employees of Facebook which makes them think that products as such are important to launch. The company now has another way of making sure you keep returning back to them along with the 1.71 billion other Facebook users.


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