Even though Facebook is always available to all the Smartphone users irrespective of the platform (Android, iOS, Windows) through the mobile web browser but it is no doubt good to have the Facebook application in the device that provides a far rich experience to its users. The application offers the easiest access to the network while you can also have the access to more features that ultimately makes the experience in Facebook much better.

Facebook Arrives On Windows Smartphone At last
Facebook Arrives On Windows Smartphone At last

It’s time Facebook offers a great attention to the Windows 10 platform and they have already released a beta version of Windows 10 application that is being available in the windows store. It would be wrong to say that Windows platform did not have any Facebook app, yes it has but this was developed by Microsoft itself and not by Facebook while the new Facebook app for Windows 10 currently in beta version is entirely developed and launched by Facebook. However, the app might carry the API access, Facebook branding and design cues being developed by Microsoft so as to ensure that Microsoft’s Smartphone platform has a Facebook client app.

Facebook Keep on Implementing More and More Features

Facebook keep on implementing more and more features along with interactive functionalities which are also important to be reflected in the mobile platform as well and this move by Facebook is a perfect indication of that. Coming to the design part, Microsoft can expect their Windows platform client to reflect all the changes along with iOS and android clients.

Microsoft Is Able to Make This Will No Doubt Lure to Use Windows Smartphone

This is really great to see that Microsoft is able to make its connected platform working and this will no doubt lure more people to use Windows Smartphone while the number of Facebook users will also see a huge growth.


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